Data insights, at your fingertips.

Access your business data from anywhere. With our one-view dashboard, easily access consolidated data points to gain deep insights.

Understand your cash flow, product flow, inventory updates and more. Plan your pricing strategies more effectively, analyse your risk factors and mitigate them at the core.

The Nymbl BI app gives your business access to agile growth, like never before!

Why Nymbl BI

Live Reports

Get real-time data and reports in your phone so you can be on top of your business wherever you are.

Make informed decisions

Analyse the growth, flow, and trends of your sales. Be confident in taking market evaluated risks so your business grows.

Never miss an insight

Have detailed awareness of product flow and cash flow, so the insights can help you to plan better.



  • Compare product pace - avoid deadstock & liquidate stock faster - recognize slow-moving products and strategize accordingly
  • Location wise sales data
  • Revenue channel data

Power your business with agile and smart solutions.