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Payment made awesome for growing businesses.

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Mobile payment Application Nymbl

Manage payments easily with Nymbl PAY.

Enjoy integration with multiple banks across the region.

The easier payment solution for business growth.

The Nymbl PAY Mobile App is designed by understanding the needs of a growing business. Use it to accept payments from multiple channels, integrate across your e-commerce platforms, get a single-view understanding of your finances.

We facilitate business growth by helping you overcome the major hurdles.

Top Mobile payment Application Nymbl

why choose nymbl pay

Nymbl is integrated with multiple acquirers across the region.

Nymbl provides a secure inter connection between merchants and banks with the flexibility of acquirer preference.

Nymbl PAY as an acquirer.

For new business and recent startups, Nymbl PAY offers the option of accepting payments and transferring that directly to the merchant's account.

Easy integration and QR codes

Create payment link, and QR codes easily to accept payments. Integrate with your ecommerce sites, chatbots, and other sales channels.

Mobile payment App Nymbl


Payment solutions powered for disruptors.

Add multiple payment channels, create payment links, generate reports on payment, and more.

Plug-n-Play integration kit available in around 6 development languages and 40+ shopping carts covering prominent eCommerce platforms.

On-demand scalability solution securely within a PCI DSS compliant private cloud computing environment


Easy Onboarding

  • Instant activation with our plug & play API
  • Payment page customization

Payment features

  • Multichannel payment processing
  • Recurring payment options
  • Multi-Currency processing
  • Multi-Lingual payment page
  • Automated refund process tracking


  • In-House risk management
  • MPI for cards payments ( A merchant plug-in (MPI) ) is a software module designed to facilitate
  • 3D-Secure verification to help prevent credit card fraud

Reports & analytics

  • Advanced payment analytics
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Multiple reports for easy reconciliation
  • Download report in various format such as .xls, .pdf etc
  • Exhaustive & User-friendly MIS reports


  • Shopping cart integration & In-App payments
  • iframe integration

Get instant new-transaction email alerts and capture remainders

Instant Capture facility for all genuine orders for the prompt delivery of products/services.